Israel's New Arsenal: Ignored by the American media . . .

What bizarre science-fiction horrors have to occur before the American media wakes up to the strange war that Israel is prosecuting against Palestinian and Lebanese civilians? People are still being maimed or killed every day in Lebanon thanks to unexploded cluster ordinance dropped massively by Israel in the 48 hours after a cease-fire had been negotiated but before it went into effect. Over 30 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed in October alone. As usual, however, Lebanon and Palestine have vanished from the newscycle (where Israel is currently represented by a president who refuses to step down despite an all-but-indictment for multiple rape charges and an openly fascist party joining the government ). But there has been a steady drumbeat of revelations, largely in the Israeli and British media, ignored entirely by the American media, about Israel's use of horrifying new weapons on civilian populations.

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What is scarier than . . . a distorted media . . .

A functioning democracy requires open debate and accurate information. As the recent studies by Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights demonstrate, the Oregonian's news coverage is seriously biased when it covers the Palestine / Israel conflict and the Oregonian's editorial coverage silences voices that need to be heard. Scary, isn't it?

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IDF soldiers take brothers from their home and beat them for hours, October 2006

The soldiers came and beat us two more times. The last time was really brutal. Three soldiers, one of them the tall one, beat us hard and quick. They kicked us, hit us with their rifle butts, and punched us all over our bodies. Nidal and I stayed next to each other out of fear and pain. This went on for about fifteen minutes. We screamed and asked for help, thinking somebody outside might come and rescue us from the horrible nightmare. The pain was intolerable. I felt as if I were about to die. One of them hit me in the midsection with his rifle and I fell to the floor. He hit me on my right hand and I felt like it was broken. I lost consciousness.

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Israel launches major Gaza raid, 300 Palestinians killed since capture of Israeli soldier.

Six Palestinians and one Israeli soldier have been killed in heavy clashes in the northern Gaza Strip.

In one of Israel's biggest raids into Gaza in recent months, troops carried out three air strikes and moved to encircle the town of Beit Hanoun.

More than 35 people were wounded as troops, backed by tanks and helicopter gunships, carried out the raid.

An Israeli military spokesman said the operation was aimed at stopping rocket fire into Israel.

Palestinian leaders have strongly condemned it.

Both the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and the Prime Minister, Ismail Haniya, have described the Israeli military action as a massacre.

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Pause for Peace

HERE in Gaza, few dream of peace. For now, most dare only to dream of a lack of war. It is for this reason that Hamas proposes a long-term truce during which the Israeli and Palestinian peoples can try to negotiate a lasting peace.

A truce is referred to in Arabic as a “hudna.” Typically covering 10 years, a hudna is recognized in Islamic jurisprudence as a legitimate and binding contract. A hudna extends beyond the Western concept of a cease-fire and obliges the parties to use the period to seek a permanent, nonviolent resolution to their differences.

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