Portland Ramadan Solidarity Iftar Benefit with Comedian Amer Zahr

When: Saturday, June 10, 2017, 8pm to 10pm

Where: TaborSpace, 5441 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97215

Join ANERA at Taborpace in Portland, OR, for our #RamadanSolidarity Iftar! Featuring a special performance by Palestinian-American comedian Amer Zahr, this Iftar will raise funds to send food packages to refugees and vulnerable families.

A full-course dinner will be served and ANERA’s Director of Donor Development, Hani Almadhoun, will be speaking about the current refugee crisis in Lebanon and conditions in Gaza and the West Bank, with an emphasis on the positive impact ANERA supporters have through our programs on the ground.

Tickets: http://www.anera.org/portland

Facebook Event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/312657485829713/

Flyer: http://www.auphr.org/docs/ANERA-PORTLANDiftar2017-FLIER.pdf

Sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace - Portland and Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights

Is the International Community Unfairly Biased Against Israel?

Read the full article at https://www.foreignpolicyjournal.com/2017/05/09/is-the-international-community-unfairly-biased-against-israel/

There are numerous reasons why it is appropriate for the international community to focus so heavily on Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians.

The latest installment in United Nations bashing occurred this past week when all 100 United States Senators——including such progressive figures as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren——signed a letter accusing the organization of using its platform “to advance an anti-Israel agenda” and “at times” to “reinforce the broader scourge of anti-Semitism”.[1] The allegation is not a new one, and has long been a favorite of US officials attempting to obfuscate Israel’s appalling human rights record.

Read more: Is the International Community Unfairly Biased Against Israel?

Life & Prison in Palestine: A Cartoonist’s Eye

Life & Prison in Palestine:

A Cartoonist’s Eye 

Mohammad Sabaaneh, author of White And Black: Political Cartoons from Palestine 

Sunday, May 7th - 7 to 9pm

First Unitarian Church

1226 SW Salmon Street

Buchan Reception Hall 

Mohammad is a talented cartoonist based in Ramallah and a former political prisoner in Israel. His work has been lauded by leading political cartoonists worldwide.

“Each of Mohammad Sabaaneh’s powerful drawings is like a gut punch that gets straight to the essence of the stark reality of Palestinian life under Israeli occupation. This is how an artist resists.” Joe Sacco, author and illustrator whose books include Palestine and Footnotes in Gaza

Mohammad’s book is published by Just World Books  justworldeducational.org 

Sponsored by: Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights - auphr.org  and  Portland Chapter of Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East - uujme.org

Cosponsored by: Holy Land Ministry at Spirit of Grace, Vancouver for Peace, and Jewish Voice for Peace - Portland - jvp-pdx.org

Open Letter to UN Ambassador Nikki Haley on Our Report on Apartheid in Israel


Instead of responding to it with constructive criticism, you launched defamatory attacks on all involved.


Dear Madam Ambassador:


We were deeply disappointed by your response to our report, Israeli Practices Toward the Palestinian People and the Question of Apartheid, and particularly your dismissal of it as “anti-Israeli propaganda” within hours of its release. The UN Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA) invited us to undertake a fully researched scholarly study. Its principal purpose was to ascertain whether Israeli policies and practices imposed on the Palestinian people fall within the scope of the international-law definition of apartheid. We did our best to conduct the study with the care and rigor that is morally incumbent in such an important undertaking, and of course we welcome constructive criticism of the report’s method or analysis (which we also sought from several eminent scholars before its release). So far we have not received any information identifying the flaws you have found in the report or how it may have failed to comply with scholarly standards of rigor.


Instead, you have felt free to castigate the UN for commissioning the report and us for authoring it. You have launched defamatory attacks on all involved, designed to discredit and malign the messengers rather than clarify your criticisms of the message. Ad hominem attacks are usually the tactics of those so seized with political fervor as to abhor rational discussion. We suppose that you would not normally wish to give this impression of yourself and your staff, or to represent US diplomacy in such a light to the world. Yet your statements about our study, as reported in the media, certainly give this impression.

Read more: Open Letter to UN Ambassador Nikki Haley on Our Report on Apartheid in Israel

Turmus Aya's Palestinians threatened by settlement plan

Around 4000 Palestinians live in fear over recent encroachment from Israeli settlements.

Turmus Aya, Occupied West Bank - At the entrance of the Palestinian village Turmus Aya, a large sign written in Hebrew, Arabic and English warns visitors that "this road leads to Palestinian areas [sic]. It is dangerous for Israeli citizens to enter".

Contrary to the sign's warning, it is the Palestinian residents of this seemingly tranquil area who are more nervous, specifically about the recent encroachment from the Israeli settlements that surround their village.

Turmus Aya, home to around 4,000 people, lies in the shadow of a string of such settlers' communities, which are illegal under international law. On a bump in the land directly to the north sits Shilo, a well-developed example, built in 1979 and home to around 3,000 illegal settlers.

Last week, tensions rose in the area, after the Israeli government confirmed that Shilo and other nearby Israeli communities would be joined by the construction of the first official settlement in the occupied West Bank in nearly 20 years. Geulat Zion will be built on a hilltop east of Shilo, to house around 50 settler families removed from Amona, an unauthorised settlement dismantled after Israel's Supreme Court ruled it had been built on private Palestinian land.

Read more on Al Jazeera

Read more: Turmus Aya's Palestinians threatened by settlement plan



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