Protest the Haifa Maccabis (Israeli basketball team) game
THIS FRIDAY October 17 @ 6:15pm at the Moda Center!
(Game starts at 7 PM, we should be there by 6:15 so folks going in can see us!!)

Meet up at: The SOUTH side of the Moda Center, across the street from the arena--corner of NE Multnomah St (near the Rose Quarter MAX stop for the red, green and blue lines).

Tweet at #pdx4palestine
Tweet out your messages for Palestine justice:
#blazers Stand against Israeli Apartheid
#blazers stand with #pdx4palestine
#blazers Apartheid--wrong in South Africa, wrong in Israel
We support the #blazers, we oppose injustice in Palestine get the idea!!​

Show some love for the Portland Trailblazers, but tell them CLEARLY we do not want them to play Israeli teams. These teams represent the injustice and occupation of Palestine. While this team travels freely, Palestinian athletes are denied that same right.

The Israeli basketball tour is a PR campaign to cover up the horrific massacre of the past summer that killed over 2100 people in Gaza, including over 500 children.  In some cities the games are being used as a fundraiser for the Israeli military. That is the same military (and government) that continues to occupy Palestine, kills indiscriminately, and denies Palestinian citizens the right to live freely and with justice. 

The image of the 4 young boys killed by Israeli bombs while playing soccer on the beach is Gaza is forever engraved in our hearts. We won't let this tour be a smokescreen over the ongoing horror of the occupation of Palestine. 

Tell Israeli teams that Portland values freedom, justice and human dignity. We boycott Israeli sports teams and events.

We stand for justice for Palestine. 

We'll have signs, or if you want to make some, here's some ideas:
Blazers---Don't Play with Apartheid
Blazers YES--Apartheid NO
Israeli Apartheid is a foul
End the Siege of Gaza
​ #pdx4palestine​

*Protest cosponsored by Portland-wide Palestine Solidarity Coalition including:  Americans United For Palestinian Human Rights, PSU Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights, Jewish Voice for Peace-Portland, International Socialist Organization, Friends of Sabeel Portland Action Group, Lutherans for Justice in the Holy Land-Central Lutheran Church, and others.

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