An open letter for the people in Gaza

Written by Paola Manduca, Iain Chalmers, Derek Summerfield, Mads Gilbert, Swee Ang, on behalf of 24 signatories   
Thursday, 24 July 2014 11:53

An open letter for the people in Gaza
Paola Manduca, Iain Chalmers, Derek Summerfield, Mads Gilbert, Swee Ang, on behalf of 24 signatories
"We are doctors and scientists, who spend our lives developing means to care and protect health and lives. We are also informed people; we teach the ethics of our professions, together with the knowledge and practice of it. We all have worked in and known the situation of Gaza for years.

On the basis of our ethics and practice, we are denouncing what we witness in the aggression of Gaza by Israel.
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An Open Letter to Senator Jeff Merkley

Written by Gilbert Schramm   
Wednesday, 23 July 2014 12:07

An Open Letter to Senator Jeff Merkley

July 22, 2014
By Gilbert Schramm

Senator Merkley,

As a former supporter of yours, I was angered and saddened to see your response to my concerns about the Gaza conflict. Your position is simply not good enough. It is cowardly and enables pointless Israeli violence. In view of the fact that you voted for S Res 498, I cannot view you as worthy of the distinguished leadership position that Oregonians have conferred on you. 

Like many progressives, I worked hard for your election. I will now suspend my work and contributions on your behalf—you clearly don’t have the good of our nation in focus.

Your statement decries the deaths on both sides, but the resolution you signed (S Res 498) is a one sided travesty that places a US seal of approval on the ongoing Israeli occupation and oppression of the Palestinian territories and the ongoing war crimes that are the direct result of that occupation.

The truth is that Israel is the guilty party here. This is a war of choice by Israel. Your statement misinforms your constituents by blurring that reality.

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ACTION! JUL 24 Portland at 6pm - Emergency March to End the Assault on Gaza

Written by SUPER, ISO, JVP, Friends of Sabeel Portland, AUPHR   
Tuesday, 22 July 2014 12:27

Please join us this Thursday, July 24, in this urgent call to stop the Israeli massacre in Gaza. In this latest round of violence by Israel, over 500 Palestinians have been killed and thousands are injured. Seventy-two percent of those are civilians, including over 80 children. One hundred thousand are displaced and living in makeshift shelters; electricity has been reduced to four hours a day for 80% of the population; water has been cut off to hundreds of thousands; hospitals have been bombed and there are shortages of everything from food to medicines. We must act now!

See event Facebook for updated details:

6:00 pm- Rally Pioneer Square
6:45 pm- March with stops along the way at stores targeted for BDS actions
7:45 return to Pioneer Square

There will also be a Bike Swarm for Palestine and Freedom Ride for Palestine that will circle Pioneer Square as we rally and then join the march. Look for Facebook pages for details on those actions.

Bike Swarm for Palestine-

Freedom Ride for Palestine- details coming soon!

Sponsored by SUPER, ISO, JVP, Friends of Sabeel Portland, AUPHR


Find a Gaza Protest Near You!


Who is Winning?

Written by Uri Avnery   
Friday, 18 July 2014 07:29

WHAT WOULD history look like if it were written in the style of the [Israeli] "Solid Cliff (a.k.a. Protective Edge) operation?

For example:

Winston Churchill was a scoundrel.

For five years he kept the population of London under the unceasing fire of the German Luftwaffe. He used the inhabitants of London as a human shield in his crazy war. While the civilian population was exposed to the bombs and rockets, without the protection of an "iron dome", he was hiding in his bunker under 10 Downing Street.

He exploited all the inhabitants of London as hostages. When the German leaders made a generous peace proposal, he rejected it for crazy ideological reasons. Thus he condemned his people to unimaginable suffering.

From time to time he emerged from his underground hideout to have his picture taken in front of the ruins, and then he returned to the safety of his rat hole. But to the people of London he said: "Future generations will say that this was your finest hour!"
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