From Gilbert Schramm, he has written some excellent poetry over many years, include many concerning the Middle East…
He is offering these for sale, all proceeds go towards humanitarian relief in Palestine. A sample is below.
My book is published! It is a benefit for promoting peace in the Middle East in two ways: any profits will go toward humanitarian relief in Palestine, and it is also a way of promoting awareness of this issue. Please share with friends and networks. It is always difficult promoting a self-published book. If, after reading it, you feel it is informative and useful, it would really help to make a brief review= on Amazon. It would be preferable to comment on the work itself- it's not a place for airing general feelings about the conflict. If anyone has connections to groups involved in similar work, please try to make them aware of it.

Jerusalem in the afternoon is the bitterness of two hundred winter-bare olive trees fallen in the distance.--Deema Shehabi

Jerusalem/ Gaza


If there were no separation between
Events in space because of time
How would we order our world?
We would have to live with our history then
And live with our acts always

Ancient walls would be
Obscured by the images of the hands
That lifted the stones, again and again
And we would see those hands
Like a cloud of birds, rising, fluttering.

And we would also see the hands
That cast those stones down
And the shape of each stone falling.
Perhaps seeing that appalling waste
would teach us something.

Some places in the world
Would be thick always
With the images of the slain
Heaped in the roads and gutters like leaves
Fall, the gurgling of clotting drains.

And from on high the view would seem
Like something from a crazy Escher dream
Outlines of the bodies, chalked in as at the scene
Of a crime of such brutal magnitude
No absolution could ever intrude.

-- Gilbert Schramm

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