To this day, the movement has not been relying on funds from any official body, and the vast majority of the activities have been made possible solely due to the commitment of the activists, who volunteer much of their time, skill and also money to promote their cause. As the organization is volunteer based, it is flexible and open for anybody who wants to take part. CFP has over 2,000 supporters listed in mailing lists and web-based groups, who are constantly updated about the activities. Among these, approximately 600 are the more active members of the movement, and around 100 are members of the three CFP bi-national regional groups. These groups (each comprised of 15 Palestinians and 15 Israelis) were formed to enable a more convenient and intimate action framework which takes into account geographical factors and limitations. The movement is run by a Steering Committee, headed by an Israeli and a Palestinian coordinator.

The organization strives to implement the following in order to achieve its goals:

-To raise awareness and promote understanding amongst the Palestinian and Israeli publics regarding the hopes and suffering of the other side, and to create partners for dialogue.
-To educate both sides towards reconciliation and a non-violent struggle.
-To create political pressure on both governments, demanding that they stop the cycle of violence, end the occupation and resume a constructive dialogue. CFP received the following awards in recognition of its work: Search for Common Ground Award – 2007; Livia Foundation's Prize of Conflict Resolution – 2009; EuroMed Award – 2009.

CFP's bi national groups, located in different areas in the West Bank, are the basis for our actions. These groups are run as autonomous units within the movement, each serving as a local base for activities in the region in which it operates. The three existing groups (Tel Aviv – Tul Karem; Beer Sheva – South Hebron; Jerusalem – Ramallah) will maintain their activity and seek to stabilize themselves as much as possible in the near future. In addition, two new groups were established during this past month (Jerusalem-North Hebron and Tel Aviv-Nablus), and two additional ones will be established early in 2010.

The following activities are initiated and carried out by the local groups:

Direct Actions – These achieve several goals: They protest against the anti-democratic and anti-liberal nature of the occupation; expose Israelis to the condition in the occupied territories; bring together Israelis and Palestinians; express solidarity with people who are directly hurt by the occupation and violence and sometimes assist them practically. CFP initiates and carries out actions such as assisting in the olive harvest, protesting mobility limitations, etc. The direct actions are held approximately once every two months in each of the bi national groups' regions.

Tours in the Palestinian territories – The tours expose the situation in the West Bank to Israelis, who, for the most part, are unaware of Israeli policies and their implications on the lives of the Palestinians. In accordance with the principle of inter-organizational collaboration, which we strive to follow, CFP seeks to join forces with other organizations such as ICAHD, Breaking the Silence and Betselem in initiating and operating these tours. The tours are held approximately once a month in each of the bi national groups' regions.

Continuous Projects – Each of CFP's bi national groups initiates and oversees the operation of continuous projects which offer a framework for people who wish to take part in activity and yet are not part of any of the groups.

In House Meetings and Lectures are the main tool by which CFP conveys its message to the public in both Israel and Palestine. Over the last years CFP members have held hundreds of such meetings. The meetings aim, first and foremost, to familiarize people with the ‘other,’ to bring them his story, his feelings, his hopes and fears, thus reversing the process of de-humanization of the other side. Currently, we hold six in house meetings/lectures per month.

The approach taken by the members of CFP has proven itself effective. The organization has been growing stronger even as two bloody wars (Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza this year) stirred the local atmosphere, pushing many to the ultra-nationalistic aggressive path of hatred. In fact, while many organizations have been badly diminished following the Israeli attacks on Gaza, we have heightened our activities, and are more determined than ever to establish an Israeli-Palestinian dialogue. CFP regards its fortitude in these times as a proof of the dedication and faith of its members. The strong belief that our members have in the movement's model of action, empowers individuals to take upon themselves the responsibility to act, to change, and to lead their societies towards a better future, a peaceful future - free of violence, occupation and oppression.

We believe in constant, slow and stable growth and expansion. During the past years, CFP has established itself as a prominent movement, whose members are not passive supporters but initiators, responsibility takers, activists, and leaders. CFP welcomes new members to join its activities and takes pride in the fact that today approximately half of its members are women. The organization acts in view of its goals, always aiming for the long run, increasing its presence and activity level each year. Overall, CFP has become an effective Palestinian-Israeli actor that may shake the militaristic mainstream in both societies, with its clear message of non-violence and constant efforts to promote Peace.

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