Dear AUPHR supporters:

President Obama made it clear that a viable two-state solution must be based on the pre-1967 borders.  This is in line with all conventional thinking about what a viable two-state solution may look like.  Israeli prime minister Netanyahu is vigorously opposed to a two-state solution, at least one that contains any chance of viability and dignity for the Palestinans, and in his speech to Congress, Netanyahu received 29 standing ovations!  (See

Now Congress is moving full tilt to support Israel's right wing government against our own President and unfortunately, our own Senator Ron Wyden is at the forefront of these efforts.  Wyden has cosponsored Senate Concurrent Resolution 23 which states that "it is contrary to U.S. policy and our national security to have Israel's borders return to the armistice lines that existed on June 4, 1967."   This is a major departure from previous U.S. policy and a spit in the face of the Obama administration. It supports Israel's right wing government and its expanding settlements over our own President's much more reasonable policy and ensures not only that a two-state solution is dead, but gives a green light for Israel's territorial expansion.

During Israel's attack on Gaza in 2008 which killed hundreds of women and children, Wyden said, probably under pressure from AUPHR supporters, that he is both "pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian."  It was not true then, and with his co-sponsorship of this bill, it is obviously not true now.

Please call and write Wyden and tell him how angry you are at him for supporting Israel's destruction of a two state solution and for supporting Israel's right wing government over our own President.  If you have time, tell Senator Merkley NOT to support this bill!

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