Elections, Occupation and Solidarity - An Interview withTanya Reinhart

Tanya Reinhart is a professor emeritus of linguistics and cultural studies at Tel Aviv University and currently Global Distinguished Professor of Linguistics at NYU and a professor at the University of Utrecht. She has written several books on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, has a column in Israels largest daily, Yideot Aharonot, and has had many articles published in international journals. Her latest book, The Roadmap to Nowhere: Israel/Palestine Since 2003, is published by Verso Press. This interview was conducted in April 2006, shortly after the Israeli elections, and Prof. Reinhart discusses the implications of the election win by Olmerts Kadima Party, the Labor partys agreement to join in a coalition government, historical background about Amir Peretz, the current head of the Labor party, the ongoing international sanctions against the Hamas led Palestinian government, the international communitys relations with Israel and support for the continuation of the Occupation of Palestinian land, the opportunities and limits of the international and local movement against Israeli policies, and background about her support of academic boycott and its relation to leaving her position as professor at Tel Aviv University. Prof. Reinhart was interviewed by Bryan Atinsky of the Alternative Information Center (AIC). 

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Media Objectivity? Reception, Reconstruction and (Re)presentation: An Interview with Daniel Dor

A former journalist, Professor Daniel Dor teaches in the Department of Communication at Tel Aviv University. He has worked as a senior news editor in two of Israels leading newspapers. He is also the author of a number of books in Hebrew, and one that was revised and translated into English, titled Intifada Hits the Headlines, by Indiana University Press. He has a second book in English now by Pluto Press, titled The Supression of Guilt. The interview was conducted by Bryan Atinsky and Elan Frankel of the AIC.

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Roundtable Discussion - Education Under Occupation

The discussion focuses on the effects of the Israeli occupation on the Palestinian and Israeli educational systems, and how local and international educational strategies can be effective in working to end the occupation. Palestinian, Israeli and International educators, discuss ways in which pedagogy can be an essential tool in working towards liberation, human rights, and democracy building or a means for subjugation and oppression. With: Michael Mikado Warschawski, Hanan Aruri, Howard S. Davidson, Ilan Pappe and others. 

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Lecture: The Economy of the Occupation, a brief History

This Podcast is a live-cut of a lecture from the AICs Economy Researcher Shir Hever, recorded at the Daila Center , Jerusalem at the 22nd June 2005. The lecture follows the main developments of the Israeli and Palestinian economies since the beginning of the occupation. The accompanying Presentation is available as pdf download here

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